LD37 : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=44664

-Mouse / KB :
KB arrows / WASD : Move
Mouse Move : Aim
Mouse Left : Melee Attack (Suck)
Mouse Right : Distance Attack (Blow)
-Gamepad :
Left analogic stick : Move
Right analogic stick : Aim
Right Trigger : Melee Attack (Suck)
Right Trigger : Distance Attack (Blow)
P : Pause

MiniVampires is a dungeon crawler.

In a little Dungeon. With just one room. Infested by MiniVampires.

"Mostly Harmless" if alone, but there are many.

After a little accident with your haxe (oops, your axe), you remain armless.

That won't stop you.

Suck that MiniVampires and blow'em all !

You have to find the key to escape that room.

Open the chests, find the key, open the door. Escape.

But wait, you escaped but you're back to the room.

And it's slightly different...

(In facts it's what I intended to do, for now the differents are really tight).


LD : Doors, randomise

Sound : Flapping wings, chest and door.

UI : Life bar, ammo counter, rooms cleared counter

Gfx : Title Sreen, Game over screen, Room cleared screen


GD / LD / GFX / Code : Quentin "qFrct" FRANCOTTE

SFX : Pierre-Marie BLIND

Music : Gabriel DALMASSO


MiniVampire 1.08.zip 6 MB

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